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criada em: 7 de fevereiro de 2006
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YJ stands for Young Jains

Young Jains is a dynamic, vibrant and unique (by thoughts and action) organization dedicated to spread Jain Philosophy. A revolutionary movement (Yuva Andolan) of Young Jains at Global level irrespective of the sects and the sub-sects, through simple transformation of core Jain principles into easily understandable and practicable life style.

YJ’s objectives:

- To create a better understanding and awareness of Jain philosophy;

- To nurture Jain Youths to be a successful future leader;

- To develop a community network of Jain Youths and professionals;

- To create and strengthen local Jain Youth groups;

- To provide a common platform to Young Jains for resolving common issues collectively;

- To facilitate a common umbrella organization for resolving issues concerning to Jainism;