I Love to Walk In the Rain *
I Love to Walk In the Rain *
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I Love to Walk In the Rain *
idioma: Inglês
categoria: Atividades
tipo: moderada
criada em: 30 de novembro de 2004
local: Índia
privacidade: público
I'm standing here
The water drips,
down my face
onto my neck

Mascara runs
Blush fades away
Look, you'll see-
It's really me

I'm standing here
In pouring rain
Don't join me now-
You won't understand

This feeling's pure
Soon it'll fade away,
when the sun comes out,
and drys away the day

You're looking out your blinds
But you still don't see-
You don't see pass this storm
You look right through my eyes

This rain is cold
I love the chill
I'll wait again-
For my next walk in the rain...


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