The Akshay Kumar Fan Club
The Akshay Kumar Fan Club
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The Akshay Kumar Fan Club
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Welcome to the Oldest Akshay Kumar Community on Orkut

This community is all about celebrating AK, his acting his personal/professional life. Akshay Kumar an uncrowned King of Bollywood has come a long way since he entered the industry.

Starting off as an action hero...Akki proved himself not only as a complete actor but as a versatile and extremely talented entertainer. He is definitely better than the other actors and he has proved it.

Real Name - Rajiv Hari Om Bhatia
Height - 6' 1"
Born - 9 Sept 1967.

» Akki debut film Saugandh(1991)
» His first Major hit film was KHILADI(1992)

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Long live Akshay and his fans!