Karthik Fans
Karthik Fans
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Welcome to the official community of Karthik!

Karthik is one of the few active crooners in the industry today who can effectively blend the intricacies of classical Indian music with global styles reaching from throaty hard rock to a mellower lounge tuning. Be it a poppish Enakoru girlfriend or an emotion riddled Anjalai, Karthik has a versatility that is rare. He is also possibly one of the first singers to perform professionally without the aid of a double-figure orchestra.With numerous solos, constantly increasing rhythms, pace, life and yet maintaining the spirit of the original, Karthik and his five piece act have been making waves at shows across South India.Language doesn't seem to be too much of an obstacle for Karthik. Be it Telugu, Tamil, Malayalam or Hindi, chances are most of the chart-toppers are courtesy of the man with the golden voice

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