You Are My World,My Everything
You Are My World,My Everything
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You Are My World,My Everything
idioma: Inglês
categoria: Romances e Relacionamentos
tipo: público
criada em: 31 de maio de 2008
local: India, Pakistan, Brasil
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I used to think there was no one for me
That I would be lonely for eternity

My nights were sleepless my days were gray
Then I met you and the clouds went away

You are so pretty so soft and so sweet
You have made my life complete

Some say you're too young but I disagree
There's no one else but you for me

You're in my soul you're in my heart
I go crazy when we are apart

You mean more to me than mere words can say
If you wanted to leave me ii'd beg you to stay

When we walk down the street i feel so proud
I want to climb up a tree and shout out loud ii love you :*

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