No Love No Tension !!
No Love No Tension !!
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No Love No Tension !!
idioma: Inglês
categoria: Romances e Relacionamentos
tipo: público
criada em: 10 de maio de 2008
local: United States, Brazil, Pakistan, Índia
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► Owner of this community is Nishant Gunjan 
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This Community Is For Everyone Who Is Not In Love Because They Believe "No Love No Tension"

This Community Is Also For Those Lovers Who Have Realized That Life Was More Easy When They Were Not In Love!!

Lets Forget Love For Sometime And Enjoy Being Single As A Part Of This Community As "No Love No No Tension"7 Benefits Of Not Having A Girl Friend Or Boy Friend :-

1. Save Time
2. Sleep Well
3. No Missed Calls
4. No Boring Messages
5. No Worries
6. Money Saved
7. "Bonus" - Can Flirt With Others

♫ NLNT MuSiC MaNiA Live ♫
Let's Forget Love for sometime & Enjoy Being Single !!