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idioma: Inglês
categoria: Atividades
tipo: público
criada em: 4 de novembro de 2008
local: Kolkata, West Bengal, 700051, Índia
privacidade: público
GEEKONIX is the OFFICIAL SCIENCE CLUB of TECHNO INDIA, and all the relevant technical activities that take place in TECHNO INDIA are organized under GEEKONIX. Also there exists a specific official ROBOTICS CLUB of Techno India called ROBOPALS. So everything related to robotics and all the events that Techno Indians take part in throughout the country are all discussed in this club. EDGE, the annual technical cum management fest of TI is organized by members of GEEKONIX, which is by now the biggest technical fest in Kolkata and other renowned colleges know us very well. Achievements of the students of Techno India are very well displayed on college notice boards and the same you'll get to see in our annual magazine, GRAFFIti (coming soon); seriously the list is never ending :) .... for the reason that we Techno India never lost in any techfest that we went to, and this trend was set up by seniors