United Nations
United Nations
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We the peoples...a Stronger UN for a better World

This is a public community that anyone can join anytime with any profile he wants. Let's debate the role of UN in this world.

The Rules:
1. Discuss the debates, attack the opposite ideologies, viewpoints, thoughts - but NEVER make a personal attack. The offending member may get Warned (or Banned).

Note : Usage of slang is allowed, but NOT when personally targeted.

2. Posting irrelevant (porn or commercial) links may get a Warning or a direct Ban.

3. trolling () in topics is discouraged - the user may be Warned.

4. The User is requested not to use CAPITAL letters to write the entire post.

5. English ONLY.
**** Users are requested to use ONLY English as their language. All posts in other languages will be deleted - the user may be Warned. ****