C/C++ Programmers
C/C++ Programmers
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This group is for C/C++ programmers only.

You are most welcome here. Let us share ideas, doubts and many more in the king of programming languages.

Rules to follow ..

1. All questions should be related to C/C++. Search for "FAQ"s and previous threads before starting new ones.

2. Use proper subjects for topics. Do not use 'help' 'doubt' etc.

3. Do not ask for any ready made code/project or your homework assignments.

4. Do not post ANY spam.

5. Asking for ids for mailing ready-made software is strictly discouraged. Do not start any threads like this.

6. For job postings, create an event

7. Don't bother to ask any question like i++ * ++i, see the previous posts.

Posts not following the rules will be deleted and the member will be banned.

Do not scrap me for any c/c++ question. Post it in the community.