WiShEs Do cOmE TrUe
WiShEs Do cOmE TrUe
idioma: Inglês
categoria: Artes e Entretenimento
tipo: público
criada em: 2 de agosto de 2005
local: Pakistan,, Índia
privacidade: público

DreamZ ComE TruE!!##
Dreamz Are There To Show You The
Close Your Eyes Find Out What
They'Re Taking To Say
Only For A Minute
Just Imagine What You Wanna See
Wake Him Up The Wizard
Don't You Know That....
DreamZ ComE TruE TheY Do
DreamZ ComE TruE
From All Of Us To All Of You They Do
Don'T YoU KnoW ThaT DreamZ ComE...
Ture Love Is Just A Second Awway
Only For One Minute
Its Not A Fantsy
Just Imagine What You Wanna Be
Don't You Know That....
Don'T YoU KnoW ThaT DreamZ ComE TruE
Don't You Know That DreamZ ComE....TruE
Only For A Minute
YoU CaN MakE YouR DreamZ ComE TurE

A Dream,However,Is A Wish Your Heart Makes,
And As CinDeReLLa Sayz,
"They Can't Stop Me From Dreaming."
If You Hold On Tight Eough,Who Knows?
Maybe Your Wishes Will Come True,Too

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