You Are The reason that I Live
You Are The reason that I Live
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You Are The reason that I Live
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I close my eyes and try to sleep,
But thoughts of you I keep.
They flood my dreams,
Like the running streams.

You're my one and only choice,
I smile when I hear your voice.
I miss you when you're away,
I think about you all day.

When you hold me tight,
You make everything alright.
You cheer me up when I'm sad;
You calm me down if I'm mad.

You wrap your arms around my hips,
Holding me tight and kissing my lips.
Never let me go or I might fall,
Always be there if I shall call.

Take away my sadness and sorrow,
Show me there is always a tomorrow.
Tell me that everything is going to be fine,
Call me yours and I will call you mine.

You are a gift sent from above,
I write this poem for you love.
To tell you how I exactly feel,
To tell you this feeling is real.

I want this feeling to last forever,
I hope we'll always st