StYlIsH PeOpLe™
StYlIsH PeOpLe™
idioma: Inglês
categoria: Moda e Beleza
tipo: público
criada em: 20 de julho de 2007
local: StYlIsH PeOpLe™, No:-1 CoMmUnItY In, Índia
privacidade: público



ThE OnE N OnLy pLaTfOrM FoR AlL FaShIoNaBlE CrEaTuReS On OrKuT n wHo lOvEs To b fAsHiOnAlBe wHo lOvEs tHeIr sTyLe In aNy aSpEcTs sO JoIn n hAv fUn wItH FoRuMs mAkE ThIs cOmMuNiTy mOrE StYlIsH WiTh uR PrEsEnCe In FoRuMs n Be AcTiVe




●┼● CaSt Ur VoTe At PoLlS ●┼●

●┼● HaNg OuT CoRnEr ●┼●

 ●┼● WrItE A CoMpLaInT ●┼●




●┼● CaUtIoN ●┼●


SpAm = bAn

EvEnT MaKiNg = bAn

RuDe bEhAvIoUr = bAn 

ObEy d rUlEs r gEt bAnNeD