Dill Mill Gayye ♥ Dil Mil Gaye
Dill Mill Gayye ♥ Dil Mil Gaye
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Dill Mill Gayye ♥ Dil Mil Gaye
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criada em: 20 de janeiro de 2007
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Welcome to the Biggest DMG Community on Orkut!

This Community started of as a fan club of one of the most popular youth based shows and guess what , it gradually turned into a family.

Does that mean this is utopia??? oh no!! we had our share of fights, arguments, disagreements, and down the road somewhere or the other we got something precious!!! we found friendship, we found companionship, some of us even found ♥Love♥...somewhere down the line hamare Dill Mill Gayye...

So come one and come all, be a part of this community, who knows shayed aapka bhi dil yehi mil jaye!!!!

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