KJ Yesudas-The ace singer
KJ Yesudas-The ace singer
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KJ Yesudas-The ace singer
idioma: Inglês
categoria: Música
tipo: público
criada em: 6 de agosto de 2004
local: Índia
privacidade: público
There is one voice that the whole world , recognises. It is a voice that has become part of the collective memory of the common people that wafts in the wind, hauntingly; ushering in memories both happy and gloomy, of the land is still breathing music and enchanting music lovers the world over.

The hallmark of this gifted singer has been his ability to defeat a hostile environment; a propensity for hard work and a never-ending quest for excellence in a field that he has turned his own. He has been able to achieve this discipline as he had a mission in life, a dream to fulfill.