DaNcE<------>'mY PaSsIon'
DaNcE<------>'mY PaSsIon'
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DaNcE<------>'mY PaSsIon'
idioma: Inglês
categoria: Música
tipo: público
criada em: 21 de junho de 2006
local: DaNcE FlOoR, DiSc, Índia
privacidade: público
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this is to gather all the ppl who live to danceeeee.......gather around so u can rock the floor with ur beats and moves.........for all of them who consider dancing as their passion.........

from college to disc spread the dance fever!!!!

so join all who love ta dance.......

forget ur worries & let da stesssss come outta u in form of some grooooovy dance steps

":everybody on the dance floor:"

ps:- pls dnt post any unappropriate content. the community is closely watched. any one banned from the community and his/her posts r deleted.

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