Respect Women
Respect Women
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Where Should i start from ?
This community is dedicated for those who respect women and those who feel that they are not respected and should be respected.

It was Yesterday i was with my friends at a movie, We were all sitting out at the parking waiting for each other.I saw my friends drooling at every women that passed by us.Abusing their aspects..I felt the urge to do something to shut their mouth..And i did.. BuT cant shut every dog out their..Trying a way to create atleast some sense of respect for womens...
Hope it works...
-U can feel her "Innocence" In form of a Daughter.

-U can feel her "Care" in form of a Sister

-U can fell her "Warmth" in form of a friend.

-U can feel her "Passion" in form of a Beloved.

-U can feel her "Dedication" in fom of a Wife.

-U can feel her "Divinity" in form of a Mother.

-U can feel her "Blessings" in form of Grandmother.

-Yet She is so Tough too...
Her Heart is so Tender