Why do Friendz BReak Our Heart
Why do Friendz BReak Our Heart
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Why do Friendz BReak Our Heart
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*What is Friendship?
*Why Do Frnz Decieve Us?
*Why do They Play wid our feelings?
*Why Cant They Understand Us?
*Why Sum of Our Frnz r Mean!
*Why they IGNOre Us?
*Is Makin Sum1 Our frnd Important?
*Why DO frnz ignore us?
*Why they Dont Trust us?
*Why Do They Leave Us when we need them da most?

^In our life many ppl come nd go.In those some are our normal friends..some are those who are very much close 2 our hearts.But Some Friends are not Sincere.Some r MEAN.So this word *friend* is not all about sincerity.he/she can be mean or selfish too.^

If you hav problems or bad experiences with your friends..you can just share in this community nd m sure you'll find your solutions too here =)